*****Tuesday, January 15 2013, 9pm*****

Butterfly Witch (documentry about Kembra Pfahler/ by Amber Dawn (27 mins)

War Is Menstrual Envy (excerpt, 8 minutes) by Nick Zedd

Talk by Nick Zedd, Kembra Pfahler and Michael Chaiken (45 minutes)

Films by The Vienna Actionists 1964-1970  (60 minutes)

Jack Smith and The Destruction of Atlantis, film by Mary Jordan by  (94 minutes)

No Age New York by Nicholas Abrahams (50 minutes)

*****Wednesday, January 16 2013, 9pm*****

Llik Your Idols by Angelique Bosio (75 minutes)

The Bogus Man by Nick Zedd (11 minutes)

A Suicide by Richard Klemann (6 mins)

Dead on My Arm by Casandra Stark (15 mins)

Wrecked on Cannibal Island by Casandra Stark (15 mins)

Submit To Me Now by R. Kern (30 minutes)

The Manhattan Love Suicides by R. Kern with Thrust in Me; co-directed by Nick Zedd (30 mins)

Mutable Fire by Bradely Eros (6 mins)

Strange Love by Scott Free (4 mins)

*****Thursday, January 17 2013, 9pm*****

Dolls of Blood by Bijoux Altamirano (2 mins)

Kill The Artist by Andreas Troeger (40 mins)

Nymphomania by Tessa Hughes Freeland & Holly Adams (4 mins)

Affliction by Mark Hejnar (45 mins)

War Is Menstrual Envy (excerpt) by Nick Zedd

Police State by Nick Zedd (18 mins)

We Are Not To Blame by Casandra Stark (30 mins)

Knocked Up Teens by Stefan Harshman  (20 mins)

*****Friday, January 18 2013, 9pm*****

Why Do You Exist by Nick Zedd (11 mins)

Ecstasy in Entropy by Nick Zedd (15 mins)

I of K9 by Nick Zedd (3 mins)

Tom Thumb by Nick Zedd (3 mins)

Whoregasm by Nick Zedd (11 mins)

Thus Spake Zarathustra by Nick Zedd (18 mins)

Lord of the Cockrings by Nick Zedd (27 mins)

I Was a Quality of Life Violation by Nick Zedd (35 mins)

*****Saturday, January 19 2013, 9pm*****

The Birth of Zerak (5 mins)

Cockfight (15 mins)

NYC/MEXICO (25 mins)

Electra Elf: Hellbound Heiresses (28 mins)

Electra Elf: Of Lice & Men (28 mins)

Electra Elf: Vile Buddies (28 mins)

Electra Elf: No Plague Like Home (28 mins)

Electra Elf: Hollow Be Thy Name, (28 mins)

Paintings 2009-2011 (7 mins)